A Betting Guide in Rugby

Rugby is the short term of the game Rugby Football created in the 19th century in England. Rugby is a game which uses an oval shaped ball that competitors can pass backwards to their other teammates for them to gain ground of their opposing team. The goal of this game is to bring the rugby ball safely on the other end for gaining scores. Just like any other game, winning teams have the greatest number of scores.

rugby betting guide

The numbers of players are about thirteen to fifteen on the open field depending on the kind of league being played. In addition, the rugby game is definitely not a game for the weak. Rugby game demands a lot of speed and strength and is very physical to out fight and out run the opponent’s team to the other end of the field. As of now, rugby has become one of the trendiest and popular games to gamble on with so many different bookies and sport books carrying chances on some of the bigger games. Different types of wagers are present in the rugby game betting from simple point spreads to complex ones. Unlike any game, rugby game is harder to win.

Here are some of the major types of bets and examples on how to win and place wagers.

Supremacy Bet

A kind of bet that needs to be beaten by the opponent. For example, if the point is set at 3, team A should beat the other team with 3 points to win.

Future Bet

It is a stake predicts the winner of a series or tournament.

Outright Scorer

This is a stake on who will win the rugby game.

First Try Scorer

Many bettors choose this kind of wager. The wager takes hand on who will score first in the game.

Total Points Betting

Bettors can bet either under or over the total points on a particular game. This is also called bet over/under.

Rugby is very much known in many countries and played by many. Due to this, rugby betting is quite popular.

Here are some rugby events from different parts of the world.

  • The Guinness Premiership
  • Six Nations
  • Rugby World Cup
  • Challenge Cup
  • Super Rugby
  • Heineken Cup

These tournaments are very popular and many bettors place their wagers on it. Make sure to carefully place your bets in order to get the best returns on your investments.


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