A Betting Guide to Ice Hockey

Wagering in ice hockey is quite similar to betting on baseball. However, to wager in ice hockey, you need to concentrate on the slight favorites or the spread doggies. Think about for few minutes the size of your wagers against the doggies and make your wagers on the money-line. After that, all you need to do is to simply break even the winning and losing column and then collect your profit. Below is a list of factors that you need to follow before you make ice hockey wagers.

ice hockey betting guide

Probably, the most important factor that you need to consider before putting your bets on the match is to determine the goalie for the two teams involved in a match. The reason behind this is that the goalie is the most important person for each team in the match, and he can directly make his team win the game in a given match. Check for the players in the starting lineup of each team and determine the injury reports on each team playing the match. To sum it up, place your wagers on the team with the best goalie as this increase your chances for collecting profits after the game.

Have a list of a team by team game schedule for the whole season, and check for any advanced scheduling that may affect or impact the team’s performance during the game. Keep in mind that the team with two consecutive games is a tough situation if they face a long rested team. Additionally, a visiting team does not have much game practice on the ice hockey field as the coach will prefer to keep the legs of his players fresh. If you know all of these things, you can have a better idea on which team has the higher chances of winning the match.

You need to understand that ice hockey is similar to football in tow approach. Firstly, ice hockey and football are very physical games. Secondly, ice hockey and football have two types of playing teams. Some teams play the game using intimidating physical plays against other teams. In the event the both ice hockey teams apply intimidating physical plays, the team with more physical defense will win the match.

Additionally, it is wise to put your bets on more experienced teams. Teams with young players usually do not have the physical and mental toughness to make medal games.

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